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Vizmatch helps accountants and small-medium sized businesses
visualize their data with powerful charts and help them track their cash and performance

Get rid of your spreadsheets

We help accountants and small-medium sized business through our online data visualization platform as a service instead of complex spreadsheets and pivot tables. What does this mean? With Vizmatch, you can analyze, visualize, customize how you present your financial data to your partners, investors, etc.. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and pivot tables and say hello to understandable and actionable business analytics.

Focus on your strengths

Visualize your operations & cash flows anytime, anywhere. Whatever aspect of your business you need to visualize, Vizmatch can help with powerful visualizations. Talk to our data experts for specific visuals, charts, graphics you need to better understand your business and we will create them for you. Focus on your strenghts and let us play with complex queries, we love it :)

Here are some examples of how we could present your accounting data

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What Vizmatch can do for you.

Clear, actionable insights

Get a clear presentation of your data in such way that you can understand them and take action

Automated Reporting

Save time as you gain visibility into your financial data

Dynamic Mapping

Map your accounts into the Standard Chart of Accounts

Machine learning

Optimize your insights

Business Intelligence

Get actionable data, critical insights, custom KPIs and more

Secure Platform

Keep your data safe with 256-bit encryption

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Vizmatch is currently integrated with Quickbooks, Xero, Ibizasoftware, idylis with more partners to come. Want to get your accounting software integrated with Vizmatch more quickly? Let us know here

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Accounting firms can analyze their clients' data with Vizmatch. Easily integrate data from the best online accounting software and start visualizing business metrics, reports and dashboards - No CSVs, no spreadsheets, no SQL required.

Automated, smart business insights

Vizmatch helps accountants and small-medium sized business transform, analyze and visualize their data.

So, if you have accounting data, what are you waiting for? It only takes few minutes to start and move your business forward.

Why Vizmatch

Founded by a former accountant slash surfer from Tahiti who wanted to help entrepreneurs, decision makers, and accountants to transformed their data and present them visually like a financial map. A financial map that you can see anytime. No need to call anyone, wait for working hours, and then get a confusing answer. A financial map knows where you are at any given moment, knows how far away you are from your projections and how much you advanced from your starting point. The map doesn't seems important when you have it. But when you don't have it, you are lost.

As the author, data journalist and information designer, David McCandless, said in his TED talk: "By visualizing information, we turn it into a landscape that you can explore with your eyes, a sort of information map. And when you're lost in information, an information map is kind of useful."

Eight years ago, I was helping one of my clients who was an entrepreneur make major decisions about his company. His company was in trouble because he lacked the necessary overview of his financial status: He had to make important decisions witch had a direct impact on 50 employees and their family. It was an intense time for both of us. I spent hours analyzing and presenting relevant financial numbers to my client in a way he could understand them and which let him make good decisions to drive his business upward. Fortunately, after few months, we succeeded in saving his company and the 50 jobs. I remember how I felt after this episode. I was happy to have helped him.

Ever since then I realized that if I could transform financial numbers automatically using data visualizations, I could help a lot of entrepreneurs keep their business alive and move forward."

Wilfried Chung, CEO and founder of Vizmatch